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Amorphous Metal Blocks

Gap Toroidal Choke Cores
Blocks are manufactured with iron based amorphous alloy.These blocks offer a unique combination of high saturation induction, high permeability and low losses.These Blocks can be arranged in different layouts.

Output Filter or Inductor cores in High Frequency & High Power (generally >50KW), Solar, Hybrid Automobiles, Railway Powers and wind inverter.

  • High Saturating Flux Density (Reducing volume and weight of the core)
  • Low ore loss —Lower temperature rising, higher efficiency of the transformer
  • High Permeability
  • Excellent temperature stability —Keep stale working at -5’C-3’C for log tie

Part Number : L (mm) W (mm) H (mm)

Am/Nano Block XXX : 30 – 350 15-142 10-80Am

Where :

  • Amo – Amorphours Nano
  • Nanocrystalline XXX
  • Block Lenth, Width & Hieght Respectively
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