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Gap Toroidal Choke Cores

Gap Toroidal Choke Cores

Iron Based Amorphous Toroidal Choke Cores

Toroidal choke cores are manufactured with iron-based amorphous alloy Metal Ribbon. They offer a unique combination of ultra-high saturation induction, high energy storage capability and low core loss for high frequency magnetic components which are significantly smaller than conventional components.


IRON BASED AMORPHOUS magnetic toroidal choke cores are ideally suited for a diverse range of applications such as:

  • DC output inductors
  • Power factor correction chokes
  • Differential mode input chokes
  • Flyback transformers

IRON BASED AMORPHOUS magnetic toroidal choke cores are specifically designed to exhibit a dc hysteresis loop resulting in the following important benefits:

  • Linear Permeability – over a wide range of magnetizing force
  • High Saturation Flux Density (1.56 T)
  • Significant Size Reduction – due to high saturation induction
  • Low Temperature Rise – due to low losses
  • Low loss – resulting from micro-thin IRON BASED AMORPHOUS ribbon (22um)
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