Electricity conducted by traditional transformer cores which are made of grain-oriented steel alloys have less power due to hysteresis losses & eddy current losses and record a loss of approximately 2% to 4% of the electricity they conduct. Electricity utilities and industries are regularly in search of methods or technologies to reduce these energy losses and in turn their operation costs. Amorphous Metal Distribution Transformers (AMDT) help in achieving this goal for industries due to lower hysteresis losses & eddy current losses.

UAML is India's first manufacturer of top-quality Amorphous Metals (AM) distributed gap (wound) cores. With an experience of over 33 years, we specialize in manufacturing according to customers specications for Single Phase and Three Phase Distribution Transformers (DT). These are high quality and state of the art AM core loops which can be used for Oil-immersed and dry type Distribution Transformers.

Infrared Photographs

(a) UAML Amorphous Metal core.

(b) Grain Oriented Steel Cores

Heat Spectrum Radiated in Grain Oriented Core is signicant compared to UAML's Amorphous Metal Distribution Transformer Core due to signicant core losses.

Advantages – Amorphous Metal
Distribution Transformer

Common Metallic Solid are crystalline, regular and periodic having structural anomalies in Atomic arrangement which hinder Magnetization Process due to no crystal grain boundary. Amorphous Structure Randomized by process having absence of regular structure which helps Magnetization Process.

Common Metallic Solids are Crystalline, Regular & Periodic having Structural Anomalies in Atomic arrangement which hinder Magnetization Process due to no crystal grain boundary

Amorphous Structure Randomized by Process having absence of Regular Structure which helps Magnetization Process

Cost Benet in
terms of TOC

Proven technology for
installation in grid; No
special technique required

Proven technology for
production; UAML will teach
technology and support start-up
of production at transformer makers

Easy magnetization occurs by
means of low coercivity, low
hysteresis loss, high

Low magnetic losses occur by
means of low coercivity, low
eddy current loss, high
permeability, high resistivity

Fast flux reversal occurs by
means of low magnetic loss

Best performance under
harmonics (Non-Linear Loads)

Less temperature rises of core
and short circuits

Reduction in fossil fuel
and Greenhouse Gas

Reduced cost of generation per
kWh consumed

Easy to repair or
replace coils

Lesser CO2 Emission

The losses due to induction in the cores produced with various transformers sheets.

Basic Parameters Amorphous Metal Material
Strip Thickness (μm) 25 (+/- 4)
Density (gm/cm3) 7.18
Lamination Factor (%) ≥86
Saturation Induction - Bs (Tesla) 1.56
Typical Core Loss (50 Hz, 1.3 -1.4T) (W/kg) 0.17 to 0.20
Standard widths (mm) 3 Widths; (142.24, 170.18, 213.36)
Power ( kVA )
Frequency ( Hz )
TEST Voltage per turn ( V/turn )
Maximum No Load Core Loss ( W )
Induction ( T )
Maximum No Load Current ( A )
Ribbon Width ( mm )
Window Height A ( mm ) +3/-0
Window Width B ( mm ) +3/-0
Core Build C ( mm ) Maximum
Core Width + Epoxy Coating D (mm) Maximum
Ribbon Width ( mm )
Window Height A ( mm ) +3/-0
Window Width B ( mm ) +3/-0
Core Build C ( mm ) Maximum
Core Width + Epoxy Coating D(mm) Maximum
Window Corner Radius R ( mm ) ± 1.5
*Window Corner Radius R1 = R2 & R3 ( mm ) ± 1.5
Core Net Area ( cm2 ) Minimum
Unit Weight ( kg ) Minimum
Quantity ( pcs ) -
Total Weight ( kg ) Minimum
Stacking Factor -
  • Main Difference in DT
    between AMDT and
    CRGO-DT is just a core
  • You can produce AMDT
    using traditional technique.
  • Many people are worried that
    AM-core is very difficult to
    handle. But handling of
    AMC becomes easy
    they have some experience
  • Several AMDT makers
    have mastered its
    production - UAMLwill support

Why use Amorphous Core Loops for Transformers?

Very Low No Load Losses

No Special technique required to use AMDT

1. Just replace to nished AMDT from CRGO-DT. Don't need any special equipment to install in grid

2. AMDT will conform to standard of each country/ utility

3. Lifetime; No difference with CRGO-DT. It depends on oil and insulation, etc , and not core

4. AMDT can also be recycled

Recycle Flow of AMT

Concept Of TOC

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